The burden of the past: Teaching in Macedonia 1944-1991

Organized by the Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution and with the support of the Columbia University of New York, a group of historians from the Institute of National History and the Institute for Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of the Albanians, led by prof. Prof. Dr. Irena Stefoska and prof. Dr. Violeta Petroska-Beshka, prepared:

· A curriculum for the topic “Macedonia as a Republic in Socialist Yugoslavia” for the teaching of history for the 9th grade and

· A model lesson entitled “Skopje catastrophic earthquake in 1963”, as part of the curriculum for the previously mentioned topic.

The goal of the project was not only to contribute to the visibility of an ex-Yugoslav past that is marginalized in history teaching and public discourse, but also to offer and promote a modern multiperspectivity approach that encourages learning with critical thinking, in contrast to the existing traditional ethnocentric approach it comes down to learning based exclusively on memory.

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